Adoption of MBSE: Strategy Consulting and Methodology

Model-Based Systems Engineering is a key technology for successful product development and imperative to master future challenges.

Already 10 years ago, INCOSE predicted for the year 2020

In many respects, the future of systems engineering can be said to be “model-based.” A key driver will be the continued evolution of complex, intelligent, global systems that exceed the ability of the humans who design them to comprehend and control all aspects of the systems they are creating. (INCOSE Vision 2020)

And 5 years ago they predicted for the year 2025

Model-based systems engineering will become the “norm” for systems engineering. (INCOSE Vision 2025)

The adoption of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a long-term undertaking that is broken down into smaller steps.


To make you successful and your way easier we provide

  • Strategy Consulting for MBSE

    Design the scope and introduction of MBSE in a value-oriented manner.

  • MBSE Methodology

    We support you in finding a methodology that fits your needs perfectly. Professional, pragmatic, valueable, no waste.

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The MBSE Experts- Why oose is perfect for the job

  • We are doing MBSE for almost 20 years.
  • We have advised countless customers from various domains in the field of MBSE.
  • We are co-author of the SysML specification.
  • We are editor of many MBSE methods.