Learn-a-Bit – System Performance Measurement with SysML [Online]

Automated evaluation of key performance indicators


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A SysML model contains comprehensive information about the system to be developed. In this Learn-a-Bit, we show that this data treasure can be raised with manageable effort. With the modeling pattern presented here, compliance with quantitative requirements and dedicated performance indicators can be calculated and checked automatically.

The approach can also be used to compare alternative system designs with each other in corresponding trade studies. Depending on the modeling environment, the obtained key figures can also serve as a basis for comprehensive parameter analyses. The described approach uses only the standard SysML language and is, therefore, independent of the modeling tool.

The Learn-a-Bit is combined with an eCoaching so that you can deepen what you have learned with one of our experts using an example or a concrete project. eCoaching means that you have an exclusive exchange with our expert via a web conference or email.

The course unit is aimed at system engineers, system architects, system designers, requirement managers and methodologists, model architects, SysML modelers.

Organizational note: approx. 1.5 hours of live online training with all participants plus 1 hour of private eCoaching with an oose expert. The date for the eCoaching will be arranged individually with you.


Basic knowledge of the SysML language is recommended.


  • SysML elements to capture quantitative requirements
  • Model structure for the analysis of key performance indicators (MoP)
  • Management of key figures
  • Recursive parameter analysis
  • Dealing with Constraints and Parametric Diagram
  • Automated verification of compliance with requirements (Compliance)
  • Private eCoaching – Session
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