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Your Trainer: Moritz Avenarius

Moritz Avenarius is an independent consultant and trainer for innovation, specialised in supporting organisations in their transition into a digital future while handling it with a human-focused approach. He designs and facilitates workshops and large-group events that have a high degree of interaction and empowerment of the participants to take actions in their own hands. Since 2008 he organise and conducst Design Thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops as well as BarCamps and Liberating Structures based events.

At oose, Moritz Avenarius learned the Design Thinking craftmanship in 2012 and made his first practical projects in using this framework. Since 2017 is he the oose cooperation partner for all trainings, activities and offers in Design Thinking. Additionally did Moritz Avenarius support oose as an external facilitator with their transition towards a holocratic organised cooperative in 2014.

Moritz Avenarius


Design Thinking (DT) is an iterative process that helps a team (5-6 people) to develop new solution ideas for complex, "wicked" problems - while always keeping the user's perspective in mind. Figuratively speaking, it is a "doubly challenging journey into the unknown", as often the starting point can be ambiguous and the goal of the venture is to get involved in surprising turns and results.

For such an undertaking, good teamwork is a key success factor. What is needed is collaborative work at eye level, the willingness to try out new things with curiosity, to learn from mistakes and to maintain attentiveness and focus on the process flow. Moderation and (self-)steering thus require a special quality.

The aim of this workshop is therefore to give the role of facilitation in the Design Thinking process time to practice and space for own experiences. Within the guiding framework of our established DT process model, we enable participants to actively design individual process steps and to take on the role of DT moderator. Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you will prepare the implementation for a selected step, then lead your learning group in an appropriate methodological manner and subsequently receive valuable feedback from your colleagues on your facilitation activities. Based on the experience gained in this way, the participants will additionally develop their own concept for your DT workshop at the end and receive feedback on it.

Would you also like to attend the basic seminar DTE-ENG? And have time to attend both seminars within one week?
Then we have something for you: Attend both seminars within one week and we will give you 10% of the total price.


  • The role and task of facilitation in Design Thinking.
  • Compact overview of DT and related areas: UX, Lean, Agile
  • Setting of the planned workshop: what is my goal?
  • Developing a DT suitable challenge - what is suitable for this approach and what is not?
  • Process model DT and the use of methods
  • Experience the role of the facilitator and receive feedback
  • Decision support: which methods to choose for the problem and the solution space
  • Visualization in Design Thinking
  • Creating your own DT concept


We strongly recommend participation in our seminar "Experience and Understand Design Thinking" or a similar seminar. Practical experience with the DT process and its team dynamics should not date back more than 12 months at the time of participation in the Design Thinking Facilitator. Explaining Design Thinking is explicitly not the focus of the workshop. Own facilitation skills are desirable, but not mandatory.

Please note that only two people per company may sign-up for the same seminar date in order to maintain the group dynamic.

In-house training

You can also book this as an in-house training (company training). In this case, we currently conduct this training remotely (online training). Contact us and arrange an individual appointment!

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