Workshop: Riskstorming Online

What are the risks concerning the product?
How can I improve my riskmitigation strategy?
Who is taking care of quality?

If you are asking these questions yourself, Riskstorming Online can help you. The TestSphere cards and Riskstorming workshops have taken the testing world by storm. Riskstorming Online is not just taking them online, but far and beyond!

During this workshop we will identify aspects that will guide the test strategy of your product.
We will identify risks concerning those aspects and determine what methods, techniques and heuristics will help you mitigate these risks.

This offer consists of:

• putting into practice a workshop for up to 12 people
• a prepatory meeting to narrow down the goal of the workshop and to identify possible participants together
• a follow-up meeting including an analysis and a recommended course of action by the oose coaches
• Support for a retrospective of the workshop a few weeks later

What else you should know

  • Price and Duration
    • € 904,8 (Value added tax included)
    • The workshop is scheduled for 2 to maximum 4 hours - in addition to the prepatory and follow-up meetings
  • Contact me

    For more information or specific dates please contact me

    Christian Kram

    +49 (0) 40 414250 -0